Because of COVID-19 , Kinder-Pup has been completely closed since mid March. We are thinking positively and want to re-open by mid to late May.

Our first priority is to complete classes for those who were already attending enrolled and attending classes when the required shutdown occurred. Those students will be contacted privately.

Next, we need to get those of you desperate for training and help into class. So, we have scheduled a new session to (hopefully) begin on Wednesday May 27th at 6 PM. We will add other classes as soon as restrictions allow us to complete ongoing classes.

We are going to switch over to summer school mode starting with the May 27th beginner class. That means a 6 week course with EVERYTHING covered. That's much easier for summer planning and we can minimize you being around others.

Everything that follows may change as things improve and we can relax just a tiny bit.


  • With the possible exception of the first week (no dogs, a lecture) classes will be held outdoors.

  • A maximum of two people may attend class and no children. It is best if only one per person attends but we know that sometimes two must attend.

  • Everyone must keep themselves and their dogs at least 6 feet apart. NO EXCEPTIONS! Do not attempt to pat or touch other peopleís dogs.

  • Either bring your own chair or something to disinfect our chairs.

  • To minimize contamination, gates will be left open until classes begin. Instructors will close the gates and open them again after class ends.

  • Use the restroom at your own risk. We cannot disinfect between people.
It is our hope that as the summer goes forward, many of these rules can be relaxed but for now, as we emerge from our isolation, letís do so cautiously and safely!